Headline in the Columbus Citizen, November 10, 1945

The respect for our military veterans that inspired Franklin County’s civic leaders to construct Veterans Memorial continues to this day. The very first plaque inside the rotunda doors makes this appropriate observation:

"This facility honors the service of all men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States. The names inscribed upon these walls and plaques are those who answered the call of their country, left their homes, families and friends to serve so others might live in freedom. The Franklin County Veterans Memorial is dedicated to their memory, so that their sacrifice shall never be forgotten."

In addition to being the destination of every Franklin County Veterans Day Parade since 1955, the building continues to serve as the home of Franklin County Veterans Services Commission and the American Legion.

The Veterans Service Commission provides advice and assistance to veterans and active duty members in obtaining benefits they may be entitled to from federal, state and local agencies. The Commission also provides emergency financial assistance to veterans and their families who need help with basic living needs that include their mortgage or rent, utilities, car repair, food, dental, gas and bus tickets, or transportation to and from Veterans Administration appointments.